The Announcement Approach Training


The training teaches health care professionals how to make and support strong HPV vaccine recommendations. 

Evidence behind the training

The Announcement Approach training was evaluated in a randomized clinical trial in 30 primary care clinics serving 17,000 adolescents ages 11 and 12. 

The training increased HPV vaccine initiation among the adolescents by 5% in just three months.5 

Widespread use

Since then, over 1,700 providers and other clinical staff in the US and England have participated in the training as of 2023.

Announcement Approach Trainings

The training is suitable for use in large health care systems and independent clinics. It can be a stand-alone intervention or support other quality improvement efforts to improve HPV vaccine uptake. 



The training has 3 sections.


The training uses standardized materials that need to be updated with presenter details and local HPV statistics. The presenter should follow the script as closely as possible to deliver the most standardized version of the training.  

These are the main resources with the main steps of the communication approach and messages for hesitant parents.

Use the links below to see excerpts from each resource. 

Contact Katie Kritikos at to receive the full training materials.

  1. Brewer et al., 2017, Pediatrics


Training Slides and Script Excerpts

Communication Training

A physician educator can use the training script and slides to practice and structure communication training sessions. See excerpts of these materials here.

The Announcement Approach handout

Communication Training

The handout summarizes the Announcement Approach and provides seven research-tested messages to use with hesitant parents. It is also used to guide participants through the exercise during the training.

AAT Checklist

Communication Training

Use this checklist when planning an Announcement Approach Training.

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