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An Announcement Approach Training can increase HPV vaccine uptake in your health care system or clinic. Depending on the resources available to you, you have several options for hosting the training in your clinic.

Three options

  1. Organize a train-the-trainer with us.

    Your staff would attend a train-the-trainer event that is held online and takes about 2.5 hours. During the first hour, attendees attend an Announcement Approach training and then attend the physician educator orientation. They also commit to preparing (Review script, Update materials, Practice once on their own, and Practice with colleagues) and to delivering the training in at least one clinic.

    “Having a peer educator deliver the training can help increase participation from providers because it gives the material more credibility. A physician educator knows about clinical practice and how clinics operate.”

  2. Contact a trained instructor near you.

    Find a provider near you who has attended the train-the-trainer. We have been training instructors to deliver the Announcement Approach Training for about 3 years, and we may be able to find someone near you who could deliver the training to your group. Contact us to see if an instructor is in your region.
  3. Use materials on your own  

    Finally, you can have your staff use our materials without additional support. Excerpts of the materials are available here. Full versions can be requested by contacting


When planning to present the training, the presenter will need logistical support. Having a second person to take on logistic tasks such as assisting with technology issues, distributing handouts, signing in attendees, or helping participants access surveys taken before and after the training is essential to a smooth training. This checklist can help presenters avoid common problems. 

Invite all clinic staff to attend, especially vaccine prescribers. It may be easiest to schedule trainings during lunch breaks. To recruit clinics, start with a phone call. Send them a recruitment flyer or other promotional information.

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