Communication Training Tools

Take The Steps

Provider recommendations motivate parents to say “yes” to HPV vaccination. Furthermore, the most effective recommendations are “announcements,” or brief statements that assume parents are ready to vaccinate.

Training in how to use the Announcement Approach is led by a physician educator using a standardized script and slide set and takes about an hour. The main audience is vaccine prescribers, but we recommend that everyone involved in patient care attend if possible. The training has four main sections: Review Evidence, Build Skills, Demonstration, and Practice. Training tools also include a notecard with the main steps of the communication approach and messages for hesitant parents.

“Providers already use announcements as part of routine clinical care, such as when they tell patients that they’ll take their temperature and blood pressure. Using an announcement for HPV vaccination can help normalize it and make it part of routine clinical care.”

Provider recommendations are uniquely influential. What we say matters!