Assessment and Feedback Tools

Step 3: Follow Up

Giving feedback to providers on their progress is a critical component of the Assessment and Feedback model. This step is a guide for sharing progress reports via the Immunization Report Card and optional “email coaching.” The optional messages are a chance to give providers more information about HPV vaccine and serve as a regular reminder to focus on HPV vaccination quality improvement (QI). The optional messages could include any messages or resources that you choose, but we give some suggested attachments below. Email recipients could include each clinic’s project leader, all vaccine providers, clinic managers, and front office staff involved in scheduling or documenting vaccinations.

Key Activities


  1. Use IIS data to update each clinic’s Immunization Report Card at 3 and 6 months after the initial QI visit. The progress report should show the number of patients in each age group who have received the first dose of HPV vaccine since the initial assessment.
  2. Use email lists created during the QI visit to distribute coaching messages. We provide suggested email templates here.
  3. If you choose to send the optional coaching messages* at 1- and 2- month follow-up, consider using an email automation service, like Mail Chimp or Constant Contact, to streamline the process.
  4. If a clinic’s 3-month progress report indicates that fewer than half of the target patients have received HPV vaccine, the clinic is not on-track to meet the QI goal. Extra follow-up activities may be necessary.
  5. Clinics that have not met their QI goal at 6 months should also receive additional follow-up.
Email Time after visit Purpose Attachment
1 1 week Introduction, project rationale, selected QI strategies, Report card w/ coverage estimates and QI goals Report card
2 1 month* Provider recommendations: importance + how to deliver CDC Tip sheet
3 2-3 months* Parent concerns: most common + how to address Parent educational materials
4 3 months Report card w/ interim progress report Report card
5 6 months Report card w/ final progress report Report card