Assessment and Feedback Tools

Step 4: Evaluate

Determining whether or not your quality improvement (QI) efforts increased HPV vaccination rates is important. Evaluating other parts of your QI effort, although not required, can provide valuable information about how you should focus your energy and resources in the future.

Immunization coverage estimates

Consider what information you’d like to learn from an evaluation of your QI efforts, such as:

  • Did my QI efforts lead to increased HPV vaccination rates?
  • How many people attended my QI session? What were their roles in the clinic?
  • What are the barriers that providers face related to HPV vaccination?
  • How satisfied were providers with the QI efforts?
  • What were the costs of delivering this QI program?

The most important outcome of your QI efforts is an increase in HPV vaccination coverage. Use the procedures described to complete this immunization report card in the PREPARE section to pull the data needed for calculating each clinic’s baseline adolescent vaccine coverage. You can download a spreadsheet from our resource library for recording clinics’ immunization rates over time.

At 3- and 6-month follow-up, extract data needed for calculating each clinic’s coverage for HPV vaccine initiation (HPV ≥1 dose for males and females) for two age groups (11- and 12-year-olds and 13-17-year olds). Enter the data into your spreadsheet. These data are also used to complete the “progress report” sections of Immunization Report Cards. You can use the same method to evaluate the change in HPV vaccination rates at other time points, as well.

Other evaluation measures

Here are some other ideas that you may find useful for evaluating your QI efforts. Adapt our tools to meet your needs or use them as a guide to developing your own evaluation tools.

  • Cost analysis

    Helps evaluate how many hours were spent on key activities and the resulting dollar costs of the QI effort

  • Post-visit survey

    Collects data from providers immediately following the QI consultation, including an evaluation of the session for CME credits